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Starting Your Worm Control Plan

Now that we have seen all of the components required to make an effective worm control programme, it is time to put it all together and begin your own plan. I have created the following table as a guideline to help you start, it is not set in stone and can be 'tweeked' to suit your individual circumstances.

Please use the notes underneath the table to help you with your worm control plan and make sure you have Pasture Control Measures in place.

Month Which parasite is of concern Action required Wormer/Products
Spring Tapeworm and Roundworm

(plus encysted small redworm if not already done in winter)
If NOT wormed for encysted redworm in winter Use Moxidectin/ Praziquantel combination -    Equest Pramox
If wormed for encysted redworm in winter Start  Worm Egg Counts
For WECs Less than 200 epg use tapewormer only Praziquantel -   Equitape
Double Dose Pyrantel Embonate - Pyratape
For WECs more than 200epg use combination wormer Ivermectin + Praziquantel - Eqvalan Duo
Moxidectin + Praziquantel - Equest Pramox

Grazing Season

Small redworms
Large strongyles
Only worm horses with counts of more than 200 epg Take   Worm Egg Counts when wormer due or overdue.

When wormers are required choose from chemical groups below stick to the same group for the season then rotate annually.
1-BZ Benzimidazoles (if no resistance in your yard) Mebendazole - Telmin
Fenbendazole - Panacur
2-LM Tetrahydropyrimidines pyrantel embonate - Pyratape
3-AV Avermectins Ivermectin - Eqvalan,   Noromectin or Vectin

Moxidectin - Equest
Winter Tapeworms

including Bots

Encysted Small Redworms
Tapewormers Praziquantel - Equitape
Double Dose Pyrantel Embonate - Pyratape
Roundwormers for Bots Ivermectin is currently the best treatment for bots

Ivermectin - Eqvalan,   Noromectin or Vectin

Moxidectin - Equest
Roundwormers for Encysted Small Redworms Moxidectin - Equest or

5 day fenbendazole (if no resistance in your yard) - Panacur
Combination wormers Ivermectin/Praziquantel - for bots and tapeworm (NOT small encysted redworm) - Eqvalan Duo

Moxidectin/Praziquantel - for tapeworm, bots & encysted small red worm -    Equest Pramox


1.    Please note that the information provided above is based on current worming advice and is intended for use as a guideline only for the routine control of worms in healthy adults horses. If your horse is showing any signs of illness, has any underlying health issues or you suspect that your horse has a high worm burden you must consult your veterinary surgeon before worming.

2.    The product you use should be suitable for your animal, some wormers are not suitable for foals, pregnant/lactating mares or other types of equine. Please check the manufacturer's datasheet (within the listing for each of our wormers) before purchasing your wormer, message me if not sure.

3.    If you are new to targeted worming I recommend using WECs every time worming is due (or overdue) during the grazing season, however, as time goes on you may find that you don't need to use WECs as often. It is still advisable to do spot checks and make sure that at least one WEC is carried out for each horse annually.

4.    If you are consistently getting WEC counts above 200epg please use our trouble shooting guide to help.

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