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Adaptil Dog Appeasing Pheromone DIFFUSER Calming dap Ceva

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D.A.P.(Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Plug In Diffuser has been developed from veterinary research to calm and help stop or prevent fear related signs and stress in puppies and adult dogs.


Separation anxiety
Excessive whining or barking
Destructive behaviour
House soiling and excessive licking
Settling in a new puppy or rescue dog
Moving, changing or remodelling the house
Bringing new people into the home
Recovery periods after hospitalisation
Thunderstorms, lightening or fireworks.


1 x plug in diffuser that consists of an electrical plug in unit and disposable 24ml Vial containing canine appeasing that will deliver the pheromone 24 hours a day.

Instructions For Use

Plug diffuser into electric socket in an open area most frequented your dog. Do not place behind furniture. Replace vial when used (approximately every 4 weeks) For known temporary events, plug the diffuser in at least one week before event occurs, continue to use during event and for at least one week after the . Repeat as necessary.

Dog appeasing pheromones are species specific and therefore proper product use will not harm children, adults or other pets.
  • Model: 3411110672877
  • Manufactured by: Ceva