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A to Z of our Herbs

New Arrivals
HerbUseful for :Price
Boswellia Powder (NaturaB) Mobility and Joints23.99
Flowers of Sulphur 9.95
Magnesium Oxide (Heavy) Calming and magnesium14.50
Agnus Castus Powder Moody Mares/Riggy Geldings14.99
Aniseed Powder Digestion and Respiratory11.99
Fenugreek Powder Fussy eaters and Poor doers4.99

Individual herbs 900g pack
Herb (Product Name)Useful for :Price
Agnus Castus (NaturaMone)Hormone herb for mares12.20
Aniseed (NaturaAnise)Digestion and respiratory aid10.30
Burdock Root (NaturaPurify)Skin and digestion10.30
Celery Seeds (NaturaComfort)8.20
Chamomile Flowers (NaturaCalm)Natural Stress reliever18.50
Cleavers (NaturaCleanse)Lymphatic system and tonic9.90
Cinnamon Powder11.50
Comfrey Leaf (NaturaMend)13.95
Dandelion Leaf (NaturaDandelion)Liver and Kidney support12.75
Dandelion RootDetox for liver and kidney21.50
Devils Claw Root (NaturaDevilsClaw)Joints and mobility aid17.50
Echinacea (NaturaBoost)supporting the immune system14.15
Eyebright (NaturaBright)Bright eyes20.80
Fenugreek Seeds (NaturaPower)Fussy eaters and Poor doers4.49
Hawthorn berries Tonic for heart and circulation13.30
Hops (NaturaComposure)Tension, anxiety29.20
Liquorice Root (NaturaSoothe)Stomach and respiratory issues15.25
Marigold Flowers (NaturaSkin)Skin and blood tonic11.20
Marshmallow (NaturaMallow)Skin, Stomach, bowel19.20
Meadowsweet (NaturaMeadowsweet)9.95
Milk Thistle Powder (NaturaTox)Aids liver function13.70
Nettle Leaf (NaturaC & Iron)Blood cleanser and spring tonic11.10
Psyllium Husk (NaturaClear)Herbal gut cleanser16.50
Raspberry Leaf (NaturaBreed)Aid and ease foaling10.70
Rosehips (NaturaBioC)Vitamin source and hoof biotin12.95
Sage (NaturaPrudent)Cleanses mouth, skin digestion10.75
Slippery Elm (NaturaGest)Gut soother calms digestive tract49.99
Spearmint (NaturaMint)Appetiser and digestive herb7.50
Valerian RootFor anxious and nervous horses19.20
Vervain Natural aid for nervous system13.10

Traditional Herbs
HerbUseful for :Price
Brewers Yeast (NaturaB) Natures wonder food5.95
Epsom Salts Pure magnesium sulphate3.00
Garlic Granules The original horse supplement7.95
Garlic Powder Fast acting garlic8.50
Limestone Powder A rich source of calcium2.99
Micronised linseed For a shiny conditioned coat3.60

Herb Blends
HerbUseful for :Price
NaturaCalm and Relaxed Herbs for calming (no Valerian16.40
NaturaCalm and Relaxed ExtraCalming Herbs including Valerian18.90
NaturaDetoxHerbs to detox the system15.92
NaturaDigestBest herbs for digestive system11.99
NaturaGlowHerbs for coat and condition12.99
NaturaHealthSelected herbs for horses well being6.95
NaturaHedgerowHerbs naturally wanted by horses15.05
NaturaLamiFreeSpecial blend14.50
NaturaMoodyMareHerbs for moody and stroppy mares12.85
NaturaMoodyMare ExtraMoody mare blend with Valerian14.85
NaturaMoveFreeFor Joint mobility and suppleness14.95
NaturaMuneSpecial blend for the immune system13.60
NaturaRespiratoryHerbs for aiding lung efficiency14.40
Naturaveteran Herbs for older horses15.50
Cleavers and Marigold (NaturaPhatic) For urinary, lymphatic and glandular10.80
Linseed and Fenugreek (NaturaTopline)Weight gain, condition, shine4.95
Seaweed and Rosehips (NaturaHoof)Hoof growth and condition5.99