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Feeding Guidelines for Herbs


After a visit from your veterinary surgeon you will have selected products which can support alongside any conventional drugs and treatment. Please take the time to read the product labels which offer detailed information about the products and the amount to feed.

1. Remember to introduce into your horse or ponies feed gradually so as to accustom him or her to new tastes and as a safeguard against any adverse reaction which is rare with herbal products - building up over a number of days.

2. Directions of the amount to feed and how often are on the labels with appropriate details as regards how much and how often. Once a good result is seen the amounts given can be gradually reduced to achieve an optimum amount for longer term use if necessary depending on the circumstances.

3. Ideally feed daily amount in two halves about 12 hours apart for best results.

4. Mix into feed thoroughly, and wait for hot feeds to cool before adding any products.

5. If feeding a mix of different herbs as with any feeding or supplementation, do not over do it.

6. When feeding herbs in order to maintain general health consistently over an extended period of time, then a good rule of feeding herbs, in order to maintain optimum efficacy, is two months on and two weeks off. It is good to give the body a rest from constant supplementation as, unlike allopathic medicine, herbs stay in the body over a longer period of time, so an occasional break makes the body less dependent on them and increases the benefits of long-term supplementation.

7. If you are feeding herbs for remedial or calming purposes then it is most effective to feed the herbs on a daily basis throughout one full blood cycle, which is 3 months (12 weeks). The condition should be vastly improved over this time to the point where further supplementation could no longer be necessary

8. As a rule herbs should not be fed to pregnant animals, as many of them have uterine or hormonal stimulant properties. Before feeding a herb to a broodmare or foal, please consult with a vet or holistic animal practitioner to substantiate safety of a specific herb.

9. All NaturaHorse products are not prohibited under competition rules. If in any doubt contact your sports authority. 10. Horses and ponies require regular worming, some herbs can aid with worming but cannot replace a consistent worming programme. ( see our Horse worming calendar )