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NaturaFlex Glucosamine HCL & Superior MSM 550g, 1.1kg or 2.2kg

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“For maximum provision of flexibility in equine joints’’

Pure human pharmaceutical grade. 99.9% soluble.
No fillers, additives or preservatives.
Glucosamine and MSM work in synergy lubricating and mending.
A simple all in one joint supplement of a carefully mixed combination of pure Glucosamine HCL, pure MSM and a measured amount of Manganese Ascorbate to aid digestion and absorption.

This combination supports joints and muscles in the hardworking, sports or older horse. Glucosamine HCL: is a naturally occurring amino sugar produced in the body, additional supplementation promotes stronger, more flexible and less painfull joints. MSM: an organic form of bio-available sulphur, aids the repair of damaged tissue and the creation of new cells, collagens and connective tissues.

Complimentary feeding stuff for horses
Available in 550g, 1.1kg or 2.2kg sizes, please select below

Recommended daily • Introduce gradually
Ponies 7-9g • Horses 12-15g • 1 Scoop = 10g
Suggested ‘loading’ dose - double the amount fed for the first month.
  • Model: 5060163930441
  • Manufactured by: NaturaHorse