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Rhus Tox 200c equine homepathy for tired muscles

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Done a little too much with not enough fitness? Bruised muscles? Coming out a little stiff, but loosening up with exercise? use this remedy.
Perfect for horses tight and stiff muscles
Typical daily use is 4 pillules a day for an average size horse.
Homeopathic 140 pillules

Homeopathy can offer an effective option for some of the most common equine conditions and situations

Please refer to our homeopathy article or contact us for further information

Consider when stiffness improves after exercise but then returns after rest. Useful for horses that stand in for long periods. Helpful for horses that suffer from damp and cold environments.

Also available in 30C variety

U.K postage only 1.50 for up to 5 Homeopathic remedies
  • Model: 5060163931363
  • Manufactured by: NaturaHorse